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I have been writing poetry for roughly 30 years. I do not write poetry with that goal of publication in mind, but rather, attempts to capture the healing of truths. I am writing non-fiction, and sometimes fiction, with the goal of eventual proper publication, despite how late in life such acts would be. I am a fervent believer in a greatly reformed educational system. I believe that holds the key, or at least, a significant leaping off point to maintaining and initiating societal reforms. Yes, to many this is obvious, but implementing such an endeavor and to what extent it should be calibrated is something I have also worked on, through writings only (again, only sometimes available online). I am an independent researcher in Violence Studies, Feminist Theology, Education Reform, and Science Fiction. I am a book collector, audiophile, and I am a recovered fountain pen addict. My interests include history, astronomy, literary theory, climate, radical geography, neuroscience, ontology, space and place, ecology, sociology, anthropology, and the relationship between technology and identity, or how society and institutions may evolve towards a humanitarian worldview ahead of technological development.

I have a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University (mostly philosophy and ethics courses, but not restricted to that. Also digital humanities, history, and my master’s thesis was related to feminist theology). I also hold an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree from Portland State University where I focused on Women’s Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Literature. Additionally I attended an HBCU, Bowie State University, where I majored in English with a concentration in Africana. Though I don’t hold the additional degrees I took more than enough classes for a BA in English and almost enough classes for a BA in History. It all started at community college believe it or not. From community college to grad school at Johns Hopkins.

If you are following this website, I am estimating it will be in slow development for the remainder of this year, which I go into more detail here.

I should also add that 100% of the posts here are written by me and me alone. Nothing written here is constructed, consulted, or brain stormed by AI available systems. Here is the article I was reading that made me realize I should offer that assurance and it is natural to assume AI generated websites will be, or have already started, launching all over the place.

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