The First Steps to Reaching a SciFi-Like Utopia From Where the Western World is Right Now

First it is essential to understand and to be able to perceive that progressives are just as toxic, just as politically charged, as centrists as well as the far Right. The only remaining hope that one can see from a truly detached, objective-esque position is to abandon modern concepts of government and to rebuild focusing on a greatly reformed education model. An education model that is not only holistic in its pedagogy, but also able to teach in such a manner to grow societal customs out of violence-narratives and socio-ontological denominationalism.

In addition to these reforms we will need to abolish currency in all forms. It can be done. There is the primary argument that without the motivation of money people will do nothing with their lives. This could not be further from the truth. Just stop and think about it logically for a few moments. If we lived in a society where absolutely everyone had their needs taken care of, would not the majority of individuals choose to give back to the very society that supports them? Most would and they would help to create and maintain and social networking of manufacturing enlightenment. It is the only path forward. Given the freedom to do so, it would be done. So little faith is given to the common person. We tend to project the worst on others because the worst has been enforced on so many of us, but that is capitalism and social constructs and authoritative power structures that is being forced on us, not the average human. This is a stepping off point. From there, it will be as we are able to best grow. This is not idealism draped in naivete. Just give it some thought. That will be the only path to sight: thought.

I’m a firm believer that without capitalism people would still work to keep society running, only they would do what they are meant to do – what their heart and mind calls out to them – and not what they are forced to do for to pay the bills. Of course one must keep in mind that without capitalism the entire “work” landscape would shift dramatically.

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