On Time Travel, the Subconscious Signature, and Market Capitalism 

Time travel is a worthwhile diversion. I would argue it stimulates a specific part of the imagination that is tied into the subconscious signature of the human experience. The (re)memory core of the imagination is detached from consumerism. It proves capitalism is not our natural state of being. True ontological becoming, not to be confused with transcendent consciousness, is to envelope oneself into others. It is more than empathy, but an actual becoming of others where we ourselves and all our matter and make-up of our thoughts are replaced with the content of what we are naturally endowed to see into the other. Bias is not our true state. Bias, bigotry, division, racism, transphobia, ableism, these are all learned traits. They are not natural. To become any other individual, we must dispense with all ingrained fears and hesitations of what makes humans human.  

This ontology is old wisdom that has in various matters been adapted into organized philosophies of religion with unsubdued calculation throughout our earthly history. What considerations of time travel offer us is an honest reflection of what it means to connect with others outside our time. If we can imagine that, it only proves that bias and transfixed market capitalism are not natural. Perhaps all humans have at some point considered some aspect of time travel. Perhaps that has always been the case. If that has always been the case, across different cultures, climates, and societal structures, once again we can prove that there is some part of the mind left untouched by the negative influences of this worldly existence. What this points to is that the concept of time travel activates an empathy that is child-like and pure, detached from latent cognition that devises timetables for our eminent completion of this course of life and takes us into other arenas of study. While, for me, the idea of a subconscious signature is an old one, it is difficult to communicate across barriers of thought processes, aesthetics, and culture. However, I think it can be understood through the light of how one opens oneself up to time travel narratives.  

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