Vic Fontaine and the Kindness of a Hologram

When Vic Fontaine sang “Here’s to the Losers” entertaining Doctor Bashir and Quark after they learned Jadzia Dax and Worf were planning on having a baby, Vic acted as Comforter-in-Chief, able to serenade away their sorrows and imagined digressions of lost love. However, his compassion was not strictly a matter of sympathy. Vic understood, from … [Read more…]

Star Trek Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” and Voyager’s “Nothing Human”

In Star Trek Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” (2002), Dr. Phlox hopes and aspires to not cure a global population suffering from a spreading disease that is killing them by the millions. Dr. Phlox would prefer not to find a cure. Such a harsh dialectic tone coming from the doctor invades our sense of ethics while turning … [Read more…]

A Partial Relationship between Admiral Picard and Elim Garak

In season one of Star Trek: Picard, on Chateau Picard, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (retired) navigates his time as though lost, recovering, living out his days with bitterness under the surface that is enlaced with dignity. As Picard comes to accept that the galaxy is calling to him to reignite his sense of purpose, he comments, … [Read more…]

Solarpunk and The Vestiges of the Ascetic

About a month ago I had an idea for a book on a subject in which my knowledge it too limited to fill an entire book. The premise is that Transcendence, or experiencing transcendent consciousness, is overrated. It is directly related to the ancient conceptualization of the Righteous Nation. A more detailed clarification of that … [Read more…]

Righteous Nation Ideology in Science Fiction and Climate Justice Today

John F. Sitton’s criticism in ‘Hannah Arendt’s Argument for Council Democracy’ (Polity) and Odd Arne Westad’s outline of the Korea’s Neo-Confucian ‘Righteous Nation’ ideology (Empire and Righteous Nation) perfectly shows what we know about the intended goals of the Abrahamic god, and the limitations of that god’s promises. This is essentially a conclusion that comes … [Read more…]

Societal Progress, Anti-Capitalism, and the Vision for a Culture of Emancipatory Human Rights

To paraphrase Walter Benjamin, violence in society exist to protect the law. The law exists to protect those in power. It falls within any society’s rights and responsibilities to protect themselves from a government of institutionalized violence. A change in power structures is not as far-fetched as many would have us to believe, limited by … [Read more…]

I know. This site is coming together rather slow

I still have about two dozen more Star Trek pre-written posts to add to this site. I then plan on writing posts about Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and The Orville. I also want to write about various science fiction books, but I am trying to figure out a way to do something more interesting than … [Read more…]

What separates the Borg Queen from Michael Burnham?

What separates the Borg Queen from Michael Burnham? On the surface the Borg Queen is composed of an archetype of a matriarch repeatedly referred to as the greatest evil Starfleet has encountered. Before Captain Janeway intentionally locates the Borg in Star Trek: Voyager’s “Scorpion,” (1997) she research previous Captain’s logs, JANEWAY: I’ve been looking through … [Read more…]